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About us

The People Behind the Brand. And Their Idea.

Experienced founders

Claudia Hollergschwandter

Optician, product manager and committed marketing professional with various German and international eyewear brands.

Jürgen Beier

Entrepreneur, logistics expert in the optical industry and a very passionate sales specialist.

Aus dem Antrieb heraus, das Beste aus beiden Welten zusammenzuführen, gründeten sie im Sommer 2019 ihr eigenes Unternehmen.

Und schon  Anfang des Jahres 2020 haben Sie mit HERZBLUT eyewear ihre erste gemeinsame Kollektion veröffentlicht.

What we stand for

Our collection lives from designs that break conventions and are wearable at the same time. Always and at every opportunity.

Every single model stands for clarity, self-confidence and a sense of style – which is also reflected in the naming of our glasses.

The endless variety of our German mother tongue helps us to break out of the international monotony: Each version thus receives its own individual and appropriate name.

HERZBLUT obligates.

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Already at the start of the first collection in January 2020, our repertoire included 14 prescription models and 10 sunglasses.


Seitdem wird die Kollektion drei Mal pro Jahr erweitert und zwar im Januar, April und im August. 


Man darf sich also über regelmäßigen Zuwachs in der HERZBLUT Kollektion freuen.

After all, HERZBLUT eyewear lives from the combination of permanence and change.